The Making of The Halo Video

The Halo hands-free thermal imaging camera takes centre stage at the Serco International Fire Training Centre for video shoot.

The Halo takes the heat

At Halo we’re keen to embrace digital marketing to help us showcase our thermal imaging products and reach out to potential customers and distributors around the world.

With that in mind we wanted to create a video to celebrate the launch of our signature product, The Halo hands-free thermal imaging camera.  To help us bring the video to life, we were fortunate to be able to collaborate with one of our key partners, Serco International Fire Training Centre based on the Durham Tees Valley airport, Serco’s fire training facilities are one of the best in Europe.

Working with their experienced team, we were able to demonstrate the capability of The Halo hands-free thermal imaging camera in an array of different fire-fighting scenarios, such as a flash over, inside a mock up of a Boeing 747, a wall of flame and an oil rig – all within the confines of the airfield at Teesside.

Without the help of their experienced Senior Trainers, Steve, Sean and Iain (who likens himself to Quentin Tarantino) this wouldn’t have been possible but we had a blast (figuratively speaking) and for us it was definitely a change from the usual day job!

James Brooks, Head of Innovation at Halo, took to the task with his usual vigour and enthusiasm, and was soon demonstrating his ability to both use the equipment he designed and to handle a branch as good as any fire fighter!

halo video dan 1b

The professionals in action

On the day we relied on the skills of the professionals to shoot the video and take photos of the team in action, so a big shout out goes to Dan at Digital Fire and Steven at Steven Landles Photography.   We’ve got some fantastic footage and lots of memorable shots of the day.   Seeing Dan filming a video close up in the searing heat just shows what we do for art!

Thanks to our heroes, Steve and Sean from IFTS, it was a pleasure working with them!

the halo video shoot team2

To view the final result, visit the Halo YouTube Channel.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about The Halo hands-free thermal imaging camera.

We'd like to see The Halo hands-free thermal imaging camera as part of the everyday PPE for fire fighters.

Steve Hadwin, Offshore/Industrial Fire Instructor, Serco IFTS

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