UK Oil Refinery say "Great bit of kit"

Halo in the hands of Industry Professionals

Major U.K. oil refinery working with the halo

  It is always good to know how a product compares with others in the market place. To find the real measure of a product, the best thing to do is to place it in the hands of the professionals and simply allow them to use it as its design intended.

 Halo Thermal Imaging recently did this with one of the UK’s largest oil refineries and the resulting feedback was testament to the halo’s ability over a range of firefighting and search & rescue scenarios.



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The refineries fire team gave us this great feedback below:

 “Having used the Halo in several scenarios, we have to be honest;

 It’s a great bit of kit and really comes into its own when used in compartment fire situations.

 The halo is really advantageous for persons reported missing scenarios.  The team member using the halo can have the thermal image view at a glance.

This is particularly useful when conducting search & rescue techniques, without having to stop and fumble round for the more larger pistol grips TIC`s that are currently used by most fire & rescue services

 We also trialled the Halo out on the process units and again it performed well in identifying temperature readings on furnaces, vessels and other hot areas of process equipment”

 To be honest, it’s a great bit of kit”!

 It is good to have such encouraging feedback on a new product from the industry.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about the halo thermal imaging camera.



To be honest, it’s a great bit of kit”!

James Brooks Head of Innovation at Halo Thermal Imaging

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